Hội thảo “Học, đọc sách trong thời đại Internet”


Để giúp cho các bạn sinh viên ĐH Khoa học Tự nhiên có thể tiếp xúc, tìm hiểu cách đọc và được các đầu sách, giáo trình cả tiếng việt và tiếng anh tại Đại học, Trung Tâm Hỗ Trợ Sinh Viên – Trường Đại Học Khoa Học Tự Nhiên phối hợp cùng JOB ROCKET tổ chức Hội thảo “Học, đọc sách trong thời đại Internet”

“Using Text Effectively in the Age of the Internet”

Effective Reading (15 Minutes)

  • Tips and Tricks to Increase Speed and Retention
  • What Information is Relevant Online
  • Checking Your Sources

Effective Studying (15 Minutes)

Common Mistakes American Students make studying in University

Productive Study habits used by top American students

How to prepare your mind and body to optimize your study sessions

Reading Habits for Success in University (15 Minutes)

Reading in High School vs. University in the U.S.

  • Why reading leads to higher scores
  • How to Concentrate when reading challenging texts
  • What types of texts Americans are Reading to prepare for University

The American University Experience and You (15 Minutes)

Adjusting to University Life

Living Away from Home

Why Some Students Fail

What Types of Students American Universities Admit

Opportunities after Graduating from an American University

Balancing academics, extra-curricular, and social lives

How to Study Like an American Student in Vietnam (15 Minutes)

Engaging in your Community

Building a Professional Network

Part Time Jobs and Internships

Communicating with Professors

Open Questions (15 Minutes)

I.E. Scholarships

Financial Aid

Application Process