How to build a mobile app with React Native and JavaScript?


You want to build a mobile app but you don’t know where to start? Let’s join workshop “How to build a mobile app with React Native and JavaScript?” wịth CoderSchool.
Our instructor – Mr Charles Lee, who has over 10 years experience work in Sillicon Valley as a engineer will give you direction to visualized your pathway to reach your goals.

This workshop will start at 14:30, Saturday, September 22nd with the content below:
– Successful stories from Facebook, Walmart, Instagram
– Why React Native and JavaScript?
– Pathway to build successful mobile app with React Native and JavaScript
– Networking time

Come to interact and talk to our talented co-founder.

In order to help us better prepare for the event and align with your experience, please fill in the information required below.

All of the valuable information will remain confidential to the company internal system.

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