• We are EyeQ Tech (eyeq.tech), the most notable computer-vision startup in Vietnam (won Startup Wheel Championship, and Rice Bowl award for best e- commerce startup).
  • We are on the mission to inject intelligence into what doesn’t have it, from retail, advertising, banking to healthcare, robotics. Our clients include Vin group, The Coffee House and 1 bank (NDA-ed)
  • What we do exactly? We build a face recognition Imagine you walk into the bank, you don’t have to pull out ID card, but the staff still recognizes who you are and welcome you, then give everything you need to sign the moment you sit down, no time wasted.



AI researcher/ developer – Computer Vision/ Machine Learning

Job Description:

  • Engage in algorithm & product development in Computer Vision, specifically Face Detection – Face Recognition technologies of EyeQ
  • Research and integrate applications of Machine Learning – Deep Learning Neural Network into EyeQ’s Computer Vision technologies
  • Research and work under direct supervision and guidance of Tuan Thi – Ph.D in Computer Vision from New South Wales University of Australia


  • Solid understanding of fundamental algorithms in Machine Learning: classification (nearest neighbor, decision tree)
  • Familiar with Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Network
  • Experience with at least 1 image processing framework: OpenCV, TensorFlow


Position #2:

Senior Java Application Developer

Job Description:

  • Engage in product development process of Windows software, applying the technologies of EyeQ
  • Work directly with EyeQ’s major customers and build the product
  • Conduct research of new technologies, frameworks and apply into product development


  • Familiar with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • At least 2-year experience in developing enterprise Java applications
  • Familiar with: Database MongoDB/MS SQL Server


Position #3: Senior Full-stack Developer


  • Build cross-platform app, running on web and desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac), you must demo at least one


  • Algorithm and data structure knowledge: know how to optimize your code, for e.g: write O(nlogn) algo, rather than O(n2)


  • Software design patterns: fluent with patterns, like Singleton, Factory, Decorator, Adapter.
  • Highly-scalable real-time system: 10,000 concurrent users is not a problem to
  • Experience in Python or NodeJs
  • Experience in both SQL and NoSQL and know when to use
  • Experience in Test Driven Development


Position #4: Robotic Engineers

Robotics Engineers at EyeQ deals with real world problems. They must engage on practical situation in order to experiment and analyze the underlying model and requirements of customers. Then, they cooperate with Computer Vision team to develop robust autonomous system (i.e. mobile rover, robotics arm, etc.) to meet the requirements of customers with certain reliability and durability.

We have 03 roles to offer. If you choose one among these roles, you must satisfy all requirements representatively

A – Robotics Developer:

  • Experience with C++ and Python (Java is a plus)
  • Familiar with UNIX system
  • Familiar with Cmake
  • (Optional) Knowledge in ROS and Gazebo is a plus B – Modelling Engineer:
  • Experience with one modelling tool: Solidwork, NX10, Autodesk Inventor
  • Strong mechanical background (i.e able to develop a robotic arm kinematic)
  • (Optional) Embedded programming with common board: TI LaunchPad, BeagleBone, Arduino or low level Atmel Mega, ARM series is a

C – Robotics Researcher:

  • Strong Control Theory background (i.e. able to develop and analyze kinematic model of robotics system)
  • (Optional) Motion Planning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning background that can apply in real autonomous system is a plus



Overall Requirements:

  • Skills of problem solving and fast learning
  • Intermediate skills reading/ writing documents in English



  • Salary: Up to $2000 (base on experiences)
  • Opportunities to work with large-scale products with a diverse range of customers from all industries: advertising, hospitality, restaurant & hotel, F&B – coffee shop chains, autopilot vehicles …
  • Opportunities to develop yourself through challenges and work closely with 2 D in Computer Science from New South Wales University, Australia
  • Opportunities to work at EyeQ’s office at the United States and get S Greencard for residents, once we enter U.S market.
  • Stock option if making concrete contribution
  • Our office locates at Vinhomes Central Park, Bình Thanh District. You will have free access to all facilities of one of the most high-end residences in Ho Chi Minh City, such as gym, pool,
  • Company trips and team-building every quarter
  • Flexible, no one checks over your shoulder, as long as you get the job done



For more information and application, please contact us via recruit@eyeq.tech

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